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European ash wood logs open board ash wood supply in large quantities
*Item No.: 22/26/30/35/40/45/50
* Port of shipment: Europe
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【Kingwaywood】European ash unedged timber, 22/26/30/35/40/45/50mm,ABC grade, length: 2m+, special procurement supervision, quality assurance; CIF Main ports of China;

(1) Ash furniture is beautiful in appearance, high in gloss, crisscross in wood grain but very neat, smooth in wood board and high in density. Tough and elastic, milky white or slightly pink, easy to process, can be fixed with nails, screws and glue, can be dyed and polished for a good surface, easy to bend by steam method.

(2) Ash wood furniture raw material density, high strength, hard texture and toughness, wear-resistant, dry shrinkage, not easy to aging deformation. It is the best wood in the same category and is used for high-end furniture in North America. Ash wood coloring, adhesive, polishing performance is good. It is more difficult to make furniture cutting and molding, and there are few domestic furniture manufacturers. Ash wood is mainly used for high-end American furniture and flooring. In recent years, as a result of country of origin a lot of restriction is right ash wood export, the ash wood furniture that place makes is more precious.

(3) Ash furniture durable and easy to use, suitable for collection and home. Can be made into luxury furniture, flooring, molding, fine woodworking products, sports equipment, tool handles, etc.

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