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Kingwaywood Europe Imported Ash board solid wood board
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European ash wood is hard, dense and heavy, flexible, and straight. The structure is coarse but uniform, high in cracking resistance, good steaming performance, low toughness, and moderate impact strength. Simple processing, easy to bend with steam method. The tool has moderate wear and moderate resistance to cutting. Wood can be easily machined or machined. Pre-drilled holes must be drilled before nailing. The wood has good coloring properties and a very smooth surface can be obtained after machining.

Wax is widely used in the production of various types of sports equipment, tool handles subject to impact, bats, racquets, hockey sticks, polo clubs, gym designs, cricket tables, marble sticks; suitable for use as bending parts for boats, canoes, Paddles, deck beams and frames. It is widely used in the production of cabinets and furniture, chairs, agricultural implements, bodywork and wheel accessories, artistic car production and laminated products. Can also be used as raw material for core board and plywood, used for furniture, paneling, and inlaid veneer veneer. This wood can also be treated as a stained coffin, silver gray, made of veneer for finishes.

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