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Ash wood board drying solid wood European ash wood ash log board
*Item No.: 26/32/38/45/50mm,ABC
* Port of shipment: Europe
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【Kingwaywood】 European ash  unedged board, 26/32/38/45mm,ABC grade, special procurement supervision, quality assurance; CIF Main ports of China;

1. Ash wood is traditionally used as American high-grade furniture material. Now it is mostly used in new Chinese furniture manufacturing in China, because it has a strong corrosion resistance function, and is easy to cut and polish.  The cut surface is smooth and the paint and glue properties are good.  Aging is very slight, performance changes are small, so the practicality of real wood is very large.  2, ash wood processing performance is very good, can be fixed with nails, screws and glue, can be dyed and polished to achieve a good surface effect.  3, ash wood color as its name, material color milky white, color are uniform, clean texture staggered natural beauty.  Material tough, but also has very good overall strength performance, good seismic force and steam bending strength, is a good material for making furniture.  

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