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white oak log white oak plankwhite oak plank solid wood white oak log plank
*Item No.: AB,ABC级,length:2m+
* Port of shipment: Europe
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【Kingwaywood】European red oak logs, AB,,ABC grade, length:2m+special procurement supervision, quality assurance;

CIF Main ports of China;

Oak raw material itself, it has bright color mountain texture, and good touch, and has the advantage of warm winter and cool summer, cater to the modern family to pursue comfortable, enjoy the psychological demand of life.

Good toughness, solid.

The toughness of oak floor depends on can be processed into all sorts of curved shape, have aesthetic feeling very much, and have heat preservation, sound insulation, insulation and other characteristics, practical very strong.

Compared with other wood flooring, oak flooring is not easy to absorb water, solid fine texture, high strength, wear-resistant corrosion resistance, waterproof, compressive performance is strong, long service life.

 oak has white to light brown wood and pink brown heartwood.

The appearance of red oak is usually similar to that of white oak, but with less visible roundness due to finer pith rays.

 oak is mostly straight,

 oak is ideal for making all kinds of furniture.

The wood is hard and strong, not too heavy, and easier to handle than other oak.

Unique wood grain and good surface treatment properties, for the production of natural oil surface or the same color dyeing products are very ideal.

 oak components are solid wood, laminate and veneer.

Furniture manufacturers around the world use a large number of  oak panels and veneers in their products, the effect is unique.

Red oak wardrobe pink zesty and versatile characteristics, highly respected.

It is hard and heavy, with high breaking strength and strong seismic resistance, extremely resistant to wear, making it an ideal flooring material for residential and commercial projects.

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