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Kingwaywood Russian red pine solid wood red pine natural wide specifications complete a large supply of bed mother
*Item No.: 30mm,length:2m
* Port of shipment: Russia
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【Kingwaywood】 Russian Korean pine, 30mm, length: 2m, special procurement supervision, quality assurance; CIF Main ports of China;
Material selection, design and manufacture of Korean pine furniture in Russia. Russian Korean pine has a long growth cycle, fine rings, flexible wood, low oil content and even Yin and Yang color. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, furniture manufacturers are very strict in controlling the dryness of the material, requiring the moisture content not to exceed 10%. All materials are stored in the constant humidity warehouse before production. In order to avoid backwater phenomenon in manufacturing, the production cycle should be as short as possible. Generally, it will not take more than three days from production to finished products, and some production links even require completion within a day, so the processing difficulty is much larger than other pine. And in each stage of production also have strict drying treatment, the production of Russian Korean pine must be made of pure solid wood, to ensure that it will not crack, deformation; This is the general domestic similar products are incomparable. In order to reflect the Russian Korean pine furniture natural, plain design concept, the surface of the product coated with matt nitrocellulacquer processing. This way of painting keeps the texture of the wood itself clear and natural, smooth lines. Permeated with the clear and fresh breath of nature. Russian Korean pine furniture in outstanding natural, solid, coarse mineral style at the same time, and integration of modern furniture manufacturing technology. Not only the craft is excellent, but also from raw materials to accessories, all the pursuit of natural taste. Contemporary Russian Korean pine furniture is pine, a variety of groups such as leather and metal match, go up in colour combination, also maintain lumber color, highlight the contemporary breath of furniture. Make aesthetic feeling and function both, practical and decent, more can create a modern home in a relaxed and comfortable.
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