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European beech log beech wood solid wood cut white oak ash white oak log
*Item No.: AB,ABC grade,length:
* Port of shipment: Europe
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【Kingwaywood】European beech logs,AB,ABC grade, length: 3m+, special procurement supervision, quality assurance; CIF Main ports of China;

1.Beech  wood characteristic: heavy, firm, fight impact, bend easily below steam, can make model, hold nailing sex performance is good, but easy craze.

2. Beech wood sketchboard manages clear, wood quality of a material is even, tonal downy, fluent. Heavier than most hardwoods and prone to cracking during kiln drying and processing.

Those who import from Euramerican country is qualitative with wool beech is good, import price is homebred beech several times. Homebred beech calls water green hill again, it is the woodiness that distinguishes somewhat with ju wood, structure, wood grain, its price is inferior.

4. Beech wood woodiness is close and heavier, wood grain is fine and straighter, organization structure spot section is less; Domestic beech wood is loose in quality, light in weight, not obvious in grain, more spots in structure and color difference.

5. Beech trees can grow to more than 30 meters and can be 1.5 meters in diameter. Beech grain layer is stacked, richer than elm, wood is harder than general wood.

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