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European ash log White oak log white oak European beech log board
*Payment terms: AB,BC,ABC grade,length:2m+
* Port of shipment: Europe
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【Kingwaywood】 European ash log,AB,BC,ABC grade, length: 2m+, special procurement supervision, quality assurance; CIF Main ports of China;

One, easy to process ash wood itself is very strong compressive capacity, but it is not difficult to process. When making furniture with pewter wood, it is very easy to cut and polish the process, and there will be no defects such as burr caused by wood, so the quality of the products produced will be on a grade. Ash wood processing is very good, whether it is screw fixed or iron nail fixed, ash wood bite is very good. Ash has no good coloring ability, ash wood furniture can be dyed and polished to obtain a good surface, which is also one of the reasons why ash wood can become the main production raw materials of high-grade furniture. Ash wood and European locacia wood resemble, heartwood color varies from light brown to dark brown, can make luxurious furniture, decorative lines, fine woodworking products, sports equipment, tool handles and other furniture.

Second, strong and compressive ash wood board is smooth, wood density is high, ash wood texture is very uniform and rough, this texture has a very ideal effect in compressive strength, so it seems that ash wood is a good material for making sofas and other furniture. Ash furniture is high gloss, wood grain crisscross but very neat, ash furniture is very durable, very suitable for collection and household display.
Three, anti-corrosion moisture-proof ash wood furniture service life is very long, because ash wood has a very good anti-corrosion ability, even if used in the bathroom such a humid environment, its life is much longer than the usual wood furniture. Ash wood also has a characteristic, that is, its core does not have a good permeability resistance, which can effectively prevent the wood core seepage caused by decay and other damage phenomenon.
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